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The One Stop Service (OSS) is an online facilitation mechanism that seeks to bring relevant government agencies together, coordinated and streamlined, to provide efficient and transparent services to domestic and foreign investors. Many countries around the world have established similar centres to centralize the execution of a number of regulatory, compliance, and value-added services through a single physical or virtual location. The purpose of the OSS is to provide investors with a single place for applying and obtaining necessary approvals for different licenses and permits required for investment in the country.

These electronic investor’s services shall entirely be automated, paperless, and cashless. Specifically, all services shall be requested and rendered electronically via an online platform; all required supporting documents shall be transmitted, stored, and processed in electronic format; all applications shall be signed electronically; and all required official payments shall be made electronically in real time. The OSS shall be owned, operated, and regulated by Hitech Park. Its implementation shall adopt a service-oriented architecture that allows it to interface with already existing independent electronic systems of other participating agencies. The OSS shall ultimately serve as a single window and the only point of contact between the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and investors. It shall comprise the following components:

  1. A single website comprised of two sub-components. First, an online platform for delivering investor services to registered users. The platform will enable investors to view, request, and receive services and will enable the concerned government agencies to deliver those services. Second, an information portal for presenting all investment news, statistics, reports, primary and secondary laws, guidelines and instructions, and any other investment-related information.
  2. An internal workflow management system that enables Hitech Park to process applications in the back office. The workflow management system shall automatically orchestrate electronic service delivery through the concerned participating government agencies as well as the flow of information among them.
  3. An internal document management and archiving system that enables Hitech Park to manage all electronic documents transmitted via its portal.
  4. A centralized backend data storage system with data redundancy, which enables Hitech Park to store and manage all transaction, user, and system data.
  5. An internal reporting engine and data discovery and visualization tools.

Why do I need to Sign-up to submit application?

The One Stop Service (OSS) portal is a web-based application for providing services to BHTPA investors only. The OSS services are fully automated, paperless and cashless. Every investor at any park operating under the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Act 2010 and Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Act (Amendment) 2014 has to take Project Registration from Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority. BHTPA receives Project Registration applications only through the OSS portal. Therefore, sign-up for user account is mandatory for becoming an investor at BHTPA. It is to be noted that, without Project Registration under BHTPA, no investor service will not be provided to a future or present investor.

Video tutorial for using the system :

How can I get updates on my application status?

After successful submission of any application, the user will receive a Submission Confirmation Email. If the email does not appear in the mailbox, please check the ‘Spam’ folder of your email. The user can also get status update from the user dashboard in the OSS upon login. The current status of each service application will have either of the following status labels:

Submitted: This status means that your application has been submitted successfully.
Approved: This status means that your application has been reviewed by BHTPA officials and has got the administrative approval. The user will get a system-generated e‐mail to the designated e‐mail address, with web url for view and download of the service.
Shortfall: This status means that your application has been reviewed by BHTPA officials, but could not be considered because one or more required information and/or document/s are missing or were not uploaded correctly. You will get an e‐mail from BHTPA with request to provide any missing information or document and submit the application again through OSS. The status can be seen with remarks of shortfall in the user’s dashboard. The user has to edit the application, provide missing information and/or document/s and submit it again.
Rejected: This status means that your application has been reviewed by BHTPA officials, but your application for the service has been declined. You will get an e‐mail from BHTPA with remarks on the reason for declining the service request.

To whom I should contact for Project Registration process related support?

You can contact directly to the respective officer where your application is currently under process. You can see the serving desk on your user dashboard ( it displays the current desk officer’s name and designation). The email and phone number of the respective officer can be found on For general information, you can contact the following officer during office hours:

Md. Mahabul Alam
Assistant Maintenance Engineer (OSS)
Phone: +8801719544128
WhatsApp: +8801719544128
For more information please visit:

To whom should I contact for technical support?

Business Automation Ltd. provides technical support for this project. You can contact with the respective officer for your necessary technical support during office hour.

Phone: 0960266776-7
Online Support portal: