Terms of Use

To be followed by the Investors investing in Hi-Tech Parks:

a)   Each and every investor needs to be Registered in BHTPA OSS Portal to receive a Project Registration Certificate.
b)   The Project Registration Certificate is not transferable.
c)   The Project Registration Certificate will be initially valid for 3 (Three) years subject to the fulfillment of the terms and conditions.
d)   The Project Registration shall be renewed for every 2 (Two) years after the expiration of first 3 (Three) years. For renewal, the company shall have to apply 3 (three) months prior to the date of expiry of this certificate.
e)   The company is allowed to apply for the Amendment of the Project Registration including changes of the amount of investment, ownership or relocation of the project;
f)   In case of Project Registration Amendment, if the amount of investment increased, additional fees as per the BHTPA Fee Schedule shall be paid by the company.
g)   The Company shall apply for Land and/or Space allotment within 15(Fifteen) days of issuance this certificate.
h)   Allotted land and/or space may not match the area requested in the Project Registration application.
i)   Land and space allotted in favor of this project will be automatically cancelled upon expiry or cancellation of project registration.
j)   This Project Registration ID and any other ID generated in reference to this Project Registration ID will be considered invalid and unusable from the Date of Cancellation / Date of Expiry of the Project Registration.
k)   All Recommendations, Certificates, Registrations, Permits, NOCs, Licenses and Letters issued by BHTPA in favor of the project will be considered null and void after the date of cancellation or expiry of the Project Registration.
l)   In case of Land allotment, the Company shall submit the Master Plan, Land Use Plan, Architectural Design and Drawing, Soil Test Report within 3 (three) months of signing the Land lease agreement.